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5 Ways to Mindfully Feed Your Dog (and Yourself!) Cheatsheet 3

5 Ways to Mindfully Feed Your Dog (and Yourself!) Cheatsheet

Hi friends! I was really inspired this weekend by my two really good friends at a company called Ketopet in El Segundo (confession, I'm their stalker... I LOVE me some smart people-ha!). Paul Raybould and Daniel Orrego wrote this really awesome post about how healthy...
Double Duty Smoothie Pupsicles 3

Double Duty Smoothie Pupsicles

It's officially summer! And that means lots of outdoors, swimming and HEAT Oh and a double duty smoothie pupsicle recipe.   Keep your pups cool and healthy with this little treat. Visit one of my Double Duty Smoothie Recipes and follow the steps below to...
My 6 Favorite Antioxidants for dogs (plus smoothie recipe) 1

My 6 Favorite Antioxidants for dogs (plus smoothie recipe)

Help Your Body (And Your Dog's) Catch Free Radicals Last week, we took a look at what anti-inflammatories are and why they work. This week, we are talking about its close cousin, the antioxidant. Antioxidants for dogs are my favorite thing to feed. I feel like I am...
2 essential oils for detoxifying your dog's liver

2 Essential Oils for Detoxifying Your Dog’s Liver

My oily expert friend Sheree and I get a kick out of doing oily videos. Why? Because we see the immense value that essential oils can have in both you and your dog's life. They are the ultimate healthy sharing stuff. A one stop shop, two birds with one stone kind of...
Lavender Essential Oil-Pups

Lavender Aromatherapy For Dogs

What Is Lavender Essential Oil Like? Because of its very thin consistency, the initial aroma of lavender oil aromatherapy is very light, but once the scent starts to settle in, it can be the most relaxing scent there is. Lavender oil aromatherapy smells fresh and...

Gluten Free Dog Cake Recipe for Sharing

Wow! Somebody pinch me. TEN THOUSAND followers?! That means 10K people have an interest in either being healthy themselves, feeding their dogs healthier or at the very least, watching Laker be healthy. That is the astonishing part, that we are all here on this journey...
Oils for Pet Loss for You and Other Pets

Oils for Pet Loss for You and Other Pets

Hi guys, I hate talking about this but it is a fact of life. Please see a question and answer response on my Instagram. I think it would benefit all. Please help me in supporting Erica during her time of pain by giving her a shout on IG. Leave a comment below if you'd...
nikki white making kibble better guidenikki white making kibble better guide

Making Kibble Better Guide

Do you want to feed your dog better, but don't know where to start? Hi my name is Nikki White, renowned pet parenting expert, and I'm here to help you :)Doing dog food "right" is completely overwhelming. Canned food, dry food (kibble), dehydrated, freeze-dried, raw,...
5 Benefits of Phytoplankton

5 Benefits of Phytoplankton for You and Your Dog

Phytoplankton is the beginnings of all life. It sustains ocean life as food for most animals and also is responsible for creating most oxygen on Earth, you know, the stuff we breathe that keeps us all alive?! Imagine how healthy this could be if put in you and your...

All Natural Dog Shampoo Recipe

I've kept this DIY chemical free dog shampoo recipe a secret until now. Too many dogs are being exposed to harsh chemicals everywhere in life, so I wanted to make this quick video of my own dog's shampoo to share. Chemicals are proven to disrupt our endocrine and...

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