Removing toxins from your home has never been easier.

Looking for an all natural cleaner that doesn’t spread toxins around like wildfire? Well, this is it. After Laker had cancer that has been proven to be caused by external forces, I made our house become an all natural environment as much as possible. I rid our lives of anything synthetic, gave everyone fresh filtered water and we eat organic when possible. Thank the Universe essential oils came into my life at the same time Laker had the big C. I learned you can substitute a lot of the chemical crap and toxins in your house with some form or essential oil. And then I discovered this…

3 Ways to Master Flea Extermination Naturally 4

Thieves All Natural Household Cleaner!

This is the be all, end all to cleaning everything in your house… including your dogs! Every ingredient in here is so completely safe for your sensitive animals, babies and you! I suggest you run to your nearest YL distributor and buy all the bottles. It is also super concentrated, so this little bottle will last you a long time of cleaning. Which means money saved as well!

Here are some of the ways I use Thieves Household Cleaner for Pups:

  • FLEAS! This stuff kill fleas in seconds. I spray the dogs with this instead of chemicals as well as spraying floors, bedding, etc to rid the house of fleas. Check out this post here about it.
  • Skunk. Need I say more? Just add Purification to it for extra added benefit.
  • Skin infections. This goes for yeast, bacteria, ringworm, mange.
  • Spray in your yard or patio area for a bug repellant.
  • Ear cleaner. Mix with other essential oils like purification, copaiba or lemongrass and wet a cotton ball. Leave a little bit of beneficial residue behind.

Here are some of the ways I use Thieves Household Cleaner for People:

  • Dishwasher cleaner. Bet you didn’t think you could be poisoning yourself with your store bought dish soap, but think about it. There’s always residue, and then you eat from the residue. Ingesting synthetic chemicals is known to disrupt our endocrine systems among other things. Just use this stuff.
  • Floor cleaner. This should also go under the pups section, because, you’re dog spend 90% of his or her life on the floor. (unless they are my dogs and they spend it on the sofa…) but then that leads me to my next point.
  • Sofa cleaner! When your dogs finally make your sofa smelly and a mess, you this stuff in your carpet cleaner and clean the bejesus out of that smell. I like to throw in a little purification oil when I do this, it rids the stank. Read more here about getting rid of stank.
  • Carpet cleaner. Just like the last point, you can throw this stuff directly in your carpet steamer and go to town. Your floors will have a delightful clove/cinnamon smell and you know you wont be poisoning the under bellies of your animals with nasty carpet cleaning chemicals.
  • All purpose cleaner. Just throw in a plastic spray bottle and dilute, and you are ready to disinfect your surfaces. Leaves them smooth and shiny too.
  • Getting stickers or stuck on food off of surfaces. Just rub a finger drop’s worth of thieves on a sticker or pour a quarter of a capful on a pan with sticky food and come back in literally five minutes. Everything wipes off like it was never there. I tell you, this stuff is magical.
  • Produce cleaner. just spray the diluted solution on produce before eating. This should ensure that you aren’t eating what was on the hands of someone else efore you.

The possibilities of this stuff are endless! Do your own research and make empowered choices for your home. If you have questions on how to dilute this cleaner for each use, just comment below!