We are shortening our dog’s lives and we don’t even realize it. Besides loving them to death with “good quality kibbles” and vaccinating them once a year, we are also killing their DNA prematurely.

I know, I know another thing to yet be worried of in their already short life spans… but those short lifespans don’t have to be that way.

We can offer up a new solution that goes hand in hand with good, species appropriate nutrition. And that is by using quantum physics.

Okay, okay… I know you are about to shut me off and go read something more list-like, but stick with me, I promise this is backed by science… Quantum science (cue maniacal laugh).

All quantum physics means is that you’re studying super tiny particles. You know, the ones we can’t see with our eyes, like protons, electrons and Jimmy neutrons (sorry, I had to). That’s not too bad, right?

The cool part is, really-cool, super-hip scientists have already done the hard stuff for us. They figured out that each particle in the Universe vibrates, or in science lingo… has wave functions. (cue audience OOOoooOOO).

 Each individual particle in your body has a wave function… or in easier lingo– a vibrational frequency. Each particle–no matter how dense you think your brother’s brain is–is ALWAYS moving. And if you’re moving, you’re definitely vibrating. But also, even rocks are vibrating! And if rocks are vibrating, you and your dog sure are too.

 Fun Fact:

  • Healthy human bodies vibrate between 62-75 Megahertz.
  • Sickness starts at around 52 Megahertz.

There are several things that can throw this frequency out of whack:

  • Chronic Illness
  • Stress
  • Low-frequency, negative thought patterns.

How does a thought have a frequency you might ask? This is where E=MC2 comes in. All this formula really says is that there is a relationship of energy and matter. Everything first starts as energy (electrons, protons and neutrons), and then by some magical force (you can insert your mystical diety here), this energy BECOMES matter.

So when you think about something, then you actually do it, you are creating a material thing because you first thought about it. That’s sort of how it works.


So here’s the biological part.

Mammals have DNA, I think it’s safe to say we all know that. And our DNA determines every inch of our lives, right?



New studies have found that our DNA does not predict our future, but our thought, bodily and our external environments–can turn these genes on or off. In terms of cancer, the fact is, only 5-10% of it is actually genetic!

Fascinating right?!

Sooo that means, if your mom had a genetic disease, you could theoretically keep that gene dormant if you ate right, vibrated at your best frequency (which I’ll write about in another article-but includes thinking, eating, keeping chemicals away and other biological disrupters.) and kept most stress in a far far away land.

But for this article, we’re going to focus on how our thought environments influence our bodily ones.

Your DNA as Shoelaces?!

Do you know what helps your DNA from fraying and uncovering damaged information? Drum roll please, because this is where shit gets good.




Sorry-let me explain…

Telomeres. Sounds like something from Deep Space 9. But unless you watch Dr. Oz, telomeres don’t necessarily make the front page news, but they are one key to a long healthy life.

You know those plastic tips on your shoelaces? (they’re actually called aglets in case you really needed to know). That’s what telomeres look like. The shoelace is your DNA strand, and the telomere protects the ends (or the reproductive parts).

Then your DNA duplicates in its weird unravel-ey form and your cells start becoming dysfunctional and diseased. What’s worse is that the telomeres also shrink after every replication!

Once those protectors go bye-bye, then there is nothing keeping the shoelace together at the ends. It frays, and then doesn’t function properly as a shoelace anymore because It. Wont. Go. In. The. Damn. Hole! This is called AGING.

You only get so many duplications of DNA in a lifetime because of the aforementioned SHRINKAGE, so keeping telomeres healthy is key to living a full life.

“How does all this science mumbo jumbo relate to my dog?”, you say.

Welp, up until recent findings, we’ve thought that dog’s telomeres decay at rates 10x faster than human ones, which in turn means they have 10x shorter lives than us. Like when we say one year in dog years equals roughly 7 human years…

But this doesn’t have to be the case! We have seen dogs like Maggie the Kelpie; who have lived to be nearly 30!

Partially, this is their diet helping cells metabolically. When you help your cells metabolically, you help save the telomeres!

How do you preserve telomeres??

With the enzyme telomerase. It runs like a train up and down the DNA strand, repairing the telomeres. Annnnnd here is my last drum roll (I promise):


Telomerase is induced in the body by stress-free, positive thought patterns and beliefs!

There you have it folks, now you have an excuse to ‘treat yo self’ like you treat yo dog… because it also extends your life as well.

3 Ways to produce telomerase to extend telomeres:

  • Here it is my friends, my arch nemesis, but my best friend… meditation. Meditation is proven to reduce stress and emit those happy feeling hormones that we all love, but don’t get enough of. Meditation lowers inflammation, produces telomerase, and can also reduce the risk of cancer. And guess what? It is also a part of the list above for ways to strengthen your vibration. Coincidence… I think not.
  • Eating right (if you know me, surprise surprise)… but it’s true I didn’t make it up! Eating good foods like leafy greens, local honey and by not eating other things like processed meats, help to extend the life of your telomeres.
  • Possibly this drug here, called Rapamycin, but it’s still in its early stages and its just for pooches. http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/06/health/rapamycin-dog-live-longer/ … and some day I will tell you all about Rapamycin, but not today. My fingers hurt 🙂

How our thoughts play into our dog’s telomere length:

Energy transfer.

Ever walk into a room and you could cut the tension with a knife? That’s because everyone’s thoughts are projecting vibrations, that are almost palpable in the space around their bodies. I’ve been told I give a pretty mean evil eye…

I think we can agree, dogs are sensitive. They know when we’re sick, and they feel our anxiety and become uneasy because of it. They are little sensitive energy sponges. We easily stress them out by our thoughts and subtle behaviors on top of natural things that stress them out, like fireworks. So if you think you’re fighting with your spouse in a happy tone as to not “fight in front of the kids”… you’re not fooling the puppertons.

Remember how I said above that everything has a vibration? So if a rock has a vibration, your thoughts certainly do too.

  • Our thoughts create stress
  • Our thoughts have vibrations which can be picked up by our little furry energetic sponges
  • Our thoughts create our beliefs. Then our beliefs rule our lives. Projected enough times, our beliefs become our reality.

It is super important to watch your thoughts. For your health and your pup’s. We need more telomerase!!

SO when someone calls you woo-woo weirdo for meditating with your dog, keeping your dog stress free by playing spa music, and not believing your vet when they say your dog is going to die of 8 because he’s a giant breed and their line gets cancer… you can tell them to not let the door hit them on the way out and to check the science behind it.

TLDR; Telomeres predict life length and vibrancy. Take care of them and think positively to send the good vibes to your dog. Read up for the science. Treat yo self. The end.