Using Mushrooms As Your Vitamin D Source

Using Mushrooms as your vitamin D source
Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins in our bodies. It helps our immune systems stay super strong to fight things like cancer and to help synthesize calcium. Without this we don’t have strong bones, and are susceptible to lots of disease. Most dogs and humans are actually deficient in vitamin D because our bodies cannot make it by itself alone. We MUST get it from the sunlight and our food sources. The problem is, most diets are either unbalanced or the food sources are poor. When we eat factory farmed animals who are deficient in vitamin D because of a lack of outdoor grazing on grass growing by the sunlight and bugs, then we also become deficient in vitamin D. This is one reason why feeding free-range, grass fed animals is super important.

But How Do Mushrooms Become Vitamin D Rich?

The sun! Just like we do. See in humans (and a tiny bit in dogs), we make their vitamin D from either the sun, or through diet like I mentioned above. When we sit out in the sun, the light reacts to the fats in our skin and makes vitamin D. Our skin then soaks it back up through the layers of skin and goes into our bodies. This is a super hard and inefficient way for dogs to create the vitamin, so they need to eat it.

Mushrooms react the same way in the sun that our skin does. They sit out in the sun and synthesize and absorb the vitamin back in to their shroomy selves. The gills on the underside of the mushroom serve as super-fying their surface area to absorb the light. So, flip your ‘shrooms over and place them outside to get the maximum benefit to vitamin D.

Mushroom Types For Pups And People

Certain mushrooms can be incredibly beneficial to you and your dog’s health. Culinary mushrooms such as Oyster, Shitake, and Portobello can drastically increase health-and are safe for your pups too! Just give the mushrooms a cook first, this isn’t something you want to feed raw. See recipe below.

Disclaimer: do not forage for mushrooms, it’s too risky. Just buy mushrooms labeled from the store so you know you’re not feeding some poisonous (or trippy) fungus from your yard.

Some Other Awesome Benefits Of Mushrooms Are:

  • Cancer fighting
  • Inflammation busting
  • A fun source of vitamin D
  • Supports the liver and kidneys
  • Improves the condition of fur and skin

Recipe For Mushroom Mush Food Topper

What You’ll Need:

3 large double handfuls or either shitake, oyster or Portobello

2 tablespoons of butter

1 table spoon of parsley, chopped

2 teaspoons of thyme, chopped

3 cups of water or bone broth

½ teaspoon of minced turmeric, optional


  1. place your mushrooms outside in direct sunlight for 4-6 hours.
  2. Slice mushrooms
  3. Chop your parsley and thyme
  4. Place small pot over medium heat
  5. Melt butter
  6. Put in mushrooms and ¼ water and simmer for 3 mins.
  7. (save half the mushrooms away now and prepare your favorite human mushroom recipe)
  8. Pour the rest of the water on and cover. Simmer for 15 minutes
  9. Turn off heat and let cool
  10. Place in your vitamix or other blender and blend until smooth
  11. Measure 1 tablespoon per 25 pounds and pour over food
  12. Freeze in ice cube trays for up to 3 months