It happens. It’s completely normal and it happens to even the best of the most mindful of pet parents. FLEAS!

I’ve been feeling a bit of shame surrounding our latest flea infestation. I take really great care of my dogs, and when I see them suffering due to their little bit up bodies, I can’t help but to feel guilt.

I didn’t want anyone to know we had fleas, because it makes me feel like a failure. And if people knew I was a card-carrying flea holder, I felt like I would immediately be discredited from dog wellness coach status.

Then I realized something… every fricken pup parent gets fleas. It’s inevitable. And anyone who refuses to give their dogs pesticides cloaked as “medicine” (yes flea preventatives are straight pesticides), feels this way when their dogs contract these pesky varmints.

Then once I worked through that, I got angry. REALLY EFFING ANGRY. These little bastards do not get to control me, or make my dogs feel like crap. So, I used that anger to fuel a dig-deep-in-my-soul kind of solution to kill these pests in one fell swoop.

I was determined. Like with the force of a 60 pound pitbull in a china shop. And I was determined to use my arsenal of all natural ingredients to do so. There’s no way I’m letting big business tell me that the only way to kill fleas are with harmful chemicals. If slight changes in temperature can kill bugs in a garden, I sure as shit don’t need harmful chemicals to kill fleas.

There are many options to do this, some of which I mention in the post “3 Ways to Master Flea Extermination Naturally”. I used a slightly altered approach after stumbling on what killed the fleas on contact just yesterday that I had around my house.

Here’s the 4-pronged approach to ridding my house of fleas:

• Vacuum your ever-loving brains out
Thieves hand soap
• DIY flea shampoo
• DIY flea rinse

1) Vacuum the *EXPLETIVE* out of everything. At any time you think about it. Vacuum under the couch, in the couch, on the couch… floors, bedding, everything. I would even venture to suggest buying a robot vacuum like the one I have and run it all the time. They’re great because they get under your beds and furniture right where the flea eggs could be hiding. Also, don’t forget to vacuum your car! (Also-I think washing all bedding goes without saying here.)

So now on to getting the fleas off your dog
2) Okay I’ve said this before… but Thieves Products are EVERYTHING. This is the discovery I found out. Thieves hand soap KILLS FLEAS ON CONTACT! To kill: Start your bath water-free. Pump the foaming soap all over the dog. Don’t smoosh the foam in your hands, because I think that’s a part of what kills the fleas. Dig your fingers in pretty well and rub-rub-rub in the spots the fleas like to hang out. That’s the rear, genitals, and shoulder area-or all over your dog if you prefer. Let sit for a minute or two. *Will the fleas to die while you wait.* Rinse very well in lukewarm water.

3) Next is your DIY shampoo. This recipe is very near and dear to me, so I’m going to have you download it here

Download My Secret Chemical Free Flea Shampoo

It’s important to me you have the best of the best. Make the shampoo and wash your pup very well. Get it good and sudsy. Also, let this sit for a minute. Rinse off. Your pup will be so shiny and soft and not dry and poisoned from flea shampoo. Again, *will with all the juju force that you have* the damn fleas BEGONE!

4) Finally, use your rinse.
You’ll need:
-12 ounces Raw organic apple cider vinegar
-8 drops rosemary essential oil
-5 drop of eucalyptus essential oil
-4 drop peppermint essential oil
-4 drops oregano essential oil
-4 drops black pepper essential oil

Rinse your dog with the ACV rinse and then lightly rinse it off with water. The goal is to leave a little residue on their fur. Fleas hate this. And I hate fleas.

Also, this is good for your dogs fur and skin every once in a while.

Vacuum some more and do it as much as every other day until they don’t come back. You may also need to repeat the steps above until your free of the shackles of the fleas. Sometimes eggs are hiding and they don’t hatch till later on. But this protocol will definitely get you 98% of the way there. It worked for me just yesterday!

Getting rid of fleas naturally may be a little bit of extra work, but be proud that you didn’t put poisonous chemicals all over and inside of your dog. You did it naturally and chemical free-because that’s what a Mindful Pet Parent would do!