… I did a poll across 16,000 pet parents asking them if they thought their mood affect their dog’s demeanor.

100% of them said YES!!! But not one of them knew what they could do about it.

Let me tell you, this is the ONE secret tool every pet parent should know about, but literally, NOBODY else is talking about.

Learn the science behind how your stress is contagious and simple and effective ways to shield your dog from it.

'How Your Stress Affects Your Dog' Will help you learn:


1) the exact science behind the theory that stress can be transferred from one being to another

2) What exactly goes on inside your dog’s body when there is a stressor present.

3) Scientifically proven methods for reversing the effects of stress in you so your dog can live more joyfully.

How This Mini-Course Helped A Real Life Pup Parent

Over the past 6 months, I was a frazzled, nervous wreck. Between teaching 3 classes at our local university, trying to sell our house, taking care of my dogs and my family, and doing all the things that go along with owning your own business, I was burnt out. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, I felt like I was barely holding on.

when I got stressed out, I didn?t have as much to give them (even though I felt like I was giving everything I had). I was distracted, I was frustrated, and I was impatient? none of which are very conducive to enjoying a deep bond with anything, including pets.

Her program delivered. On Every. Single. Promise.

Kristin Clark

Creator of Raw Pets Digest

This stress reduction mini-course includes:

Three Video Modules

1 Exclusive Article

Downloadable PDF

Recorded Audio Relaxation Exercise

Nikki White

Meet the Instructor

Nikki White is a human-animal bond lifestyle expert who specializes in using mindfulness practices to help pet parents lead healthier lifestyles with their pets. Her philosophy is about the reciprocal relationship. When we are healthy, our pets are happy and taken care of. When pets are healthy, we are happy. Then, we can bring that happiness and fulfillment out into the world. 

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