You thought your house was clean, until your friend comes over and tells you your house smells like… DOG! Here are ways to organically clean it.

The kind of smell that smells... smelly

The kind of smell that smells… smelly

First of all, I want to say DUH, of course parts of my life smell like dog! But I happen to like the smell of dogs-it reminds me that I’m alive. But alas, not everyone wants to smell my smerrwy pups frito feet. Smells tend to penetrate most in soft surfaces, so as much as you mop your floors or wipe the counters, you won’t get rid of the smell. So here are some all natural and organic ways I have gotten rid of smells in my house from the places smell lurks the most.

1. For the Air:Purification-Essential-Oil-BlendPURIFICATION essential oil! You can stop reading now, because this stuff will get rid of any fishy, frito-y or funktified smell in your house or car. It’s everything. It is a blend from Young Living that I use for many many purposes, including acne (another post). For this oil, just throw 5 drops it in your diffuser and it acts as a febreze of sorts. It grabs on to all the smell molecules and dissipates them into the air, leaving behind a pleasant Fruit Loop-y scent. And who doesn’t love Fruit Loops? You can also dab a cotton ball in the oil and clip it to an air vent in your house or car. I also throw those purification-soaked cotton balls in my shoes when they need a little boost. Not my shoes… I uhh, I mean my man’s shoes…

2. For the Carpets:

thievesFirst, when I’m doing a deep smell extinguish, I like to steam clean my carpets. I add the following to my steam cleaner in the water reservoir.

    • 2 capfuls of Thieves Household cleaner (also helps any flea situations)
    • 1 cup of white distilled vinegar
    • 3/4 cup of peroxide (Be careful if you have carpets that have color, it could cause a bleaching affect!)
    • Fill the rest of the tank with hot hot water

Steam clean your carpets as usual and then do step 2:

Now- Mix a cup of baking soda with 10 drops of Purification and 5 drops of Tea Tree oil in a ceramic or glass bowl and let sit for five minutes. Sprinkle this on your carpet and leave for as long as you can keep dogs or children from walking on it. I leave mine overnight and vacuum it up in the morning. For a flea killer boost, add in Diatomaceous Earth from this article into the baking soda and EO mixture and use as above. You’ll have fabulous smelling carpets and it lasts for weeks!

3. For the Sofa:

First, I repeat the first part of #2 because my couch can be cleaned with water. I like the added benefit of getting all the deep smelly smells out. Then I spray the couch down to hold in its freshness.

I’m a DIY-er, so I mix up my own spray here. Just one word of caution, make sure your sofa fabric can handle water. If not, you may need to use rubbing alcohol as a base, although not as natural as I would like. But protect your sofa! You can also just skip to this part if you don’t feel like steam cleaning your couch, but it’s a good arm workout!

I mix about 7-10 drops of Purification, 6-7 drops of Thieves and 5 drops of Tea Tree into a glass 2 oz spray bottle and spray until I feel like fruit loops are coming out of my nose!