We had a giant blowout party yesterday for Laker’s 4th adoptiversary 🎉🎁🥂! We partied, ate Kongs, devoured homemade healthy grain free cake 🎂, tore apart toys, & played ball. It was a never ending adopta-bonanza! And now my house is A MESS. Like the feet-stick-to-the-floor kind of gross.

gluten free dog birthday cake recipe

you can check out the recipe for this amazing cake here

Nikki White dog health

Most of you know, Laker had cancer two years ago and I will do ANYTHING in my power to keep it from coming back. When I learned of his cancer, I searched high and low for answers as to why.

One thing I came across was how home cleaning supplies can really mess with your cells and their ability to process the environment. This can manifest as hormone, immune and neurological problems to say the least. Your endocrine system also regulates your cell’s metabolism (ability to process food & waste and convert fuel ). Since cancer is a metabolic disease, cleaning without chemicals is a NO FRICKEN BRAINER.

When Laker had the all clear from cancer, I made a promise to him that he would never get cancer again from something I could control. So as a part of my cancer-free plan, I completely ditched EVERY chemical in my house that may screw up both our body systems. I started with what was easy… cleaning products. Everything got tossed. Then I said to myself, “Oh shit I have nothing to clean with… GROSS”. Especially with a dog with jowls the size of Alabama, I needed something! Enter the most divinely timed appearance of essential oils for cleaning into my life.

I already had a few oils in my desperate attempt to cure Laker’s cancer (note: they are not a cure, but a tool), but I didn’t know you could clean with them! I know a TON of you guys ask me about essential oils around dogs, so this is a great place to start. IMO it’s completely a non-scary way to change you and your dog’s life #oilsarebetterthanchemicals.

SO… I asked the rockstar mom, dog mom, entrepreneur, master of everything woman who introduced me to essential oils if she would help me do a video explaining how to clean with EO’s. I finally got put into her super busy schedule and we made a quick video for you.

If you want to know where I get my oils from, click here 🙌: https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/start?sponsorid=3384536&enrollerid=3384536&isocountrycode=US&isolanguagecode=en&type=member