Hi guys,

I hate talking about this but it is a fact of life. Please see a question and answer response on my Instagram. I think it would benefit all. Please help me in supporting Erica during her time of pain by giving her a shout on IG. Leave a comment below if you’d like a little more detail.

@ericanichols_ I’m so completely sorry for your loss, my heart breaks for you. I’m holding back tears now as I write this as I know your pain all too well. Losing a companion of any species is some of the hardest things we have to deal with as humans. I commend you for telling your story and seeking peace for you and Hank. You’re right, animals embody your emotions and it’s hard to tell where yours stop and theirs begin. We are so intertwined with our animals. What I can say is if anything works to lift moods and spirits, it is essential oils. It works by ingesting, petting and best diffused in this scenario. Constant inhalation is key. Young living has so many blends to choose from for feelings of sadness and promoting better feeling emotions. In fact, it only takes 20 seconds for the smell of an oil to pass the blood/brain barrier and hit your lymbic system. This is the emotional center of your brain. My personal picks are frankincense, joy and peace &a calming. Frankincense is known as a spiritual Oil that can connect you to your higher self and to loved ones as well when used during meditation. It is an immediate mood booster for me. I think venting and grieving are important so that you can move on to oils like joy, but first I would suggest the oil blend Release. I’ve worked with this oil extensively to fully grief and let go. It’s about creating a protocol of healing for yourself and hank and celebrating the progress each day. When you are ready, you can use the oils to create a feeling of welcome and safety for your newest member of your family. I am more than happy to walk you through in depth about the oils by phone or in person. Just DM me. Go safely friend, my heart is with you and I hoped this helps a bit. Big big hugs for you and Hank.