To answer some questions on the Making Kibble Better Guide, I did an Instagram live yesterday. In case you missed it here’s a little recap. We went over common questions and mistakes when first starting to feed your dog fresh food. You can listen to it below!

Some Common Questions:

  • What are your thoughts on feeding kibble once per day and raw food once per day
  • What do you do about picky eaters?
  • Is it ok to just do some kibble and food for their diet? Do you recommend a slow transition?
  • Is bone broth okay to buy in the store or better to buy from butcher/DIY
  • With so many supplements daily-psyllium husk, mushroom, probiotics, phytoplankton, spirulina, etc…how do you manage to give them all to your pups?
  • I’m curious about psyllium husk, I’ve had issues when I use it, would you intro it slowly or does it digest differently for dogs?

Common Mistakes:

  • Too many carbs
  • Not removing enough kibble and your dog is gaining weight
  • Soft poop/how to transition