Light Therapy IS Amazing!

Friends… I have stumbled upon something amazing called LED light therapy, and it checks all the Pups & People boxes:

  • All Natural Light Therapy IS Amazing! 5

  • Safe Light Therapy IS Amazing! 5

  • Can be Used to Heal Dogs and Humans Light Therapy IS Amazing! 5


Here’s the backstory…


During the OC Pet Expo, I found this company (who I have been watching for a few pet Expos, actually) and told them what I am trying to do with my blog. They were quick to jump on board because, they too, believe in all natural healing is possible in your dogs (and in us too!).


They are called LumaSoothe, and they make light therapy devices for pets. (Secret hint, you can use them too! Because what would Pups & People be without double duty healthy tips?!)


My Experience with LumaSoothe

My number one rule of thumb when trying anything that claims it can promote healing in dogs is to try it on myself first-because we rarely truly know if things are working on our dogs, unless it is able to be witnessed with our own eyes. So, I brought it straight home, charged it up and turned it on my body. Truth be told, this may be personal, but this is the God’s honest truth… I was having HORRIBLE stomach pains that rose deep into my shoulders every time I breathed. I put the deep tissue light attachment on and WITHIN TWO SECONDS, I kid you not, the pains from my stomach to my shoulder were gone, and I could breath deeply again.


I’ve also tried this on sore muscles and my own joint pain… All of which were relived by using the Luma Soothe after just a few seconds.


Light therapy is completely safe. Actually, once your cells have soaked up all the light they need, they stop soaking it up just as if you were to ingest too much Vitamin C. Your body takes what it needs and dumps the rest. You can’t overdose, which I love, so that means you can do no harm.


How This Device Works:

  • Photons (light at specifics wavelengths) are absorbed by photoreceptors within cells resulting in increased microcirculation, reduced inflammation and stimulates Adenosine Tri-phosphate (ATP), an enzyme in the body which has numerous positive and healing effects.

  • Once cells are exposed to light therapy, they begin the healing process almost immediately. With continued use, injuries can heal more quickly.

  • Light therapy effectively treats medical conditions such as arthritis by reducing inflammation and therefore the associated pain, as well as kills bacteria and fungus that live on the skin’s surface.

Light Therapy IS Amazing! 4

What It Comes With:

LumaSoothe features two distinct and easily interchangeable light heads. Each specializes in different areas in the body.

Deep Treatment Module (DT)

    • Treats the symptoms of Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendinitis and Hip Dysplasia

    • Helps to heal injuries to the spine, deep muscle tissue and joint injuries

    • Features 40 LED lights

    • 32 – 940 nanometer (nm) Infrared diodes (invisible to the human eye). This provides the needed strength to penetrate the depth to reach the joint, deep muscle tissue and spine areas.

    • 8 – 520 nm diodes (green color) used to indicate that the device is operating, since you can’t see the infrared ones.

    • The total output in milliwatts (mW) is 2,816 which produces enough power to be effective yet not dangerous.

Surface Treatment Module (ST)

    • Treats a variety of surface conditions including wound healing, chronic pain, promotes healthy skin and coat, relieves the symptoms of mange, eczema, psoriasis and assists in clearing infections.

    • The module features 40 LEDs, including 16 – Red (650nm), 12 Green (520nm), 8 Blue (470nm) and 4 Yellow (490nm) diodes for a broad spectrum of surface/shallow skin area benefits

    • This module produces a total of 2,176 mW of power

The Unwrapping Experience:

You feel like the most special person in the world when you unwrap this little healing gift. Everything is so nicely packaged, walking you through the steps as if your mother was holding your hand. I really appreciate the time and effort put in to making sure I understood everything and the way they emphasized how special this device is by how it was carefully placed in the box.

Light Therapy IS Amazing! 3

Super clean, suction-y box (think Apple). Satisfying to open.

Light Therapy IS Amazing! 2

Packaged up all pretty

Light Therapy IS Amazing! 1

The deep treatment and the skin treatment light heads

Is It Legit?

Light Therapy has been researched and subsequently used by NASA for treatment of injuries for our astronauts in space. The FDA has cleared light therapy for human use several years ago as a non-significant risk device and it has the same safety characteristics when used on dogs and cats. You can read just a few studies here and here.


The device does not create any heat, so you won’t accidentally burn anybody in the process either. Instead, it just emits a nice, relaxing warmth. See Laker below 🙂


Here is Laker enjoying his new form of a ‘ssage with our new LumaSoothe Light Therapy!


If you think this is something you may want to try, you can find it by clicking the button below!

Light Therapy IS Amazing! 4