What Is Lavender Essential Oil Like?

Because of its very thin consistency, the initial aroma of lavender oil aromatherapy is very light, but once the scent starts to settle in, it can be the most relaxing scent there is. Lavender oil aromatherapy smells fresh and sweet with just a hint of floral and slightly fruity scent to it.

Dilute Dilute Dilute!

Like most essential oils, lavender oil aromatherapy is often used by diluting it with carrier oils, such as oils from sweet almond, apricot kernel, or grapeseed. The blend is then applied to the fur or skin for better absorption. According to certain studies, lavender essential oil is first absorbed into the skin through the hair follicles. And for our dogs, there are lots of those little straws (AKA fur) all over their bodies! If the oil is absorbed in this way, it is then diffused into the bloodstream and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Love-ender Is In The Air

Lavender oil aromatherapy for dogs may also be applied through careful inhalation. As the oil molecules of the lavender oil aromatherapy enter the lungs, they get absorbed into the bloodstream, providing therapeutic benefits to soothe whatever ills or aches you are experiencing.

Some of the possible uses of lavender oil aromatherapy include skin support, calms the overactive immune system, calming the mind, breathing easier, and can be used for conditions caused by yeast or bacteria. Lavender oil aromatherapy may also be used to help support the body as it heals bruises, burns, scrapes. Other possible uses for lavender oil aromatherapy on your dog include insect bites, itching, pain, joint pain, scars, sores, stress, and the list goes on. Lavender essential oil for dogs has endless uses and is often times called the swiss army knife of all oils because it can support so much!

Out of all the other essential oils, lavender oil aromatherapy combines well with clary sage, frankincense, and geranium. Always make sure to check with a vet to make sure lavender is a safe part of your dog’s wellness plan.