The newest thing to do in the way of your dog’s health is lacto fermenting their veggies.

Since dogs don’t have much of amylase-the enzyme that helps break down vegetation, it’s hard to know if our dogs are getting all the nutrients we think they are. Enter lacto fermentation.

Lacto Fermentation means to convert sugars and starches in vegetables to lactic acid. The friendly bacteria lactobacili grow within the beneficial vegetables to preserve and essentially pre-digest the cell walls to make it easier for dogs to digest.

Some people like to call this bioavailability. I call it absorption.

By fermenting your dog’s veggies, he and she are reaping the benefits of cancer fighting vegetables by being able to absorb the nutrients and photochemicals that they cannot get from a diet sans veg.

Lacto fermenting also promotes a health gut, and we know from this article on gut health How important a healthy gut is. And being packed with beneficial gut bacteria, lacto fermenting is just short of magic for the entire family.

How To Lacto Ferment
You’ll need:

1 head organic broccoli
1/2 head organic cauliflower
1/2 head organic red cabbage
3 red beets
1 organic fennel plus fronds
1 quart of healthy water (I’m in love with my Berkey filter)
3 tablespoons of fine Himalayan salt
1-2 large mouth jars like these here

Or chose any other vegetable that you think has benefits for your puppers

How to:
Step 1) Add bite size pieces of your chosen veggies to large-mouth jar. Mush & squeeze to release any juices.
Step 2) Pour water and salt mixture to cover all the veggies. Weigh down with a flat weight.
Step 3) Seal, shake & cracks open once a day for 3-5 days. Shaking keeps the veg moving so the ones floating on the top don’t get moldy. (Side note: I’ve always been able to keep the veg under water, and therefore I’ve never seen mold. But just so you’re aware…) Cracking open releases any gases that are built up.

This mixture should taste pickle-y, not salty when done. Store in the fridge for up to three weeks and again, try to keep it all under the brine.

Watch this dog edutainment video to watch me spill things, dance and ferment some cancer fighting ingredients! Don’t worry, I wont judge it if ya watch more than once 😉

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Lacto fermenting vegetables for dogs

Screen shot this list to make lacto fermented veggies for your dog and you!