Anxiety sucks. Plain and simple. But here’s the deal: Anxiety and peace cannot live in our awareness at the same time. I know, I’ve tried… Mindfulness is a tool everyone has, that can return our minds to our own ownership.

So I’ve set out to do this 5-day anti-anxiety challenge, to challenge you to feel anxious WHILE you are bringing mindfulness to you and your dog’s lives. When we are happy, our dogs are happy too. And they deserve the best of us.

Throughout this challenge, you can expect to:
Make massive shifts in your peacefulness
Rewire your brain to feel more joy instead of feel more anxiety (mindfulness does this!)
Experience what FREEDOM around anxiety feels like, and create a liberating gratitude experience

Here are the details of the Free 5-day Anti-Anxiety Challenge:

Starting on Friday 10/5, you will be prompted to share a photo each of the 5 days related to our daily themes using the hashtag #mindfulpetparentchallenge and by tagging me @lifewithlaker.

Here is the challenge schedule:

Friday: Zen Den – share a photo of a place you have decorated or where take solace with your dog. Extra points for meditating in the shot!

Saturday: Take a walk – Take a walk with your dog and let them and you stop to smell the roses. Pay close attention to the sights, smells and sounds. Feel them deeply. Share a photo of something you never would have noticed before had you not been paying close attention.

Sunday: Eating – Preparing and eating food is a meditation in and of itself. Today, take time to notice the spoon handle in your hand as you stir the pot, the aromas of the food as you prepare it, and let the food sit in your mouth as you take time to taste it. Post a picture of either you or your dog’s food that you prepared mindfully today. don’t forget to #makekibblebetter!

Monday: Belly Breathing – Place your hand along your dog or your belly and rest it there for five minutes. Soley focus on the rise and fall of your hand. If you drift away, bring your focus back to your hand. Document how you feel afterward with a picture or video. How do you feel now?

Tuesday: Gratitude – Make a list of 5 things you are grateful for. Take your time and sit with your feelings. How did you feel afterward? Share a photo of your dog and why you are so grateful for them!


If you participate each day, you will be entered to win:

-Free Lifetime Access to My Brand New 30-day Mind Body Program, Soul To Bowl


And you will automatically get these goodies:

-Free guide for using mindfulness to bond better with your dog

-Free ebook “How Dogs Improve Our Mental Health”



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-In order to win and for me to find and follow your photos please use the hashtags #mindfulpetparentchallenge and tag me, @lifewithlaker.

Winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 9th, 2018.

I really hope to see you and all the moments you will be finding with your dog for a full five days! I will be sharing moments from our lives too. Can’t wait!