Raise your hand if you’re a dog poop detective and use poop bags as rubber gloves 🙋🏻‍♀️💩🕵🏻‍♀️🧤

(here’s the poop bags I use)

I don’t think I could ever have acres of property, because I wouldn’t be able to be obsessive about my dog’s turds. I’m often writing down who did what and how many times in a day (I need to make an app for this lol) 📝

Your dog’s poo is a key indicator of many things. You can generally get first dibs on their health condition before they start to show signs elsewhere. Do you know what to look for? 🔎

It’s very normal for your dog to have different bowel movements after adding fresh foods to his or her diet. This can last up to a month. Your dog may even poop less because he’s eating less kibble which is full of indigestible fiber (sawdust in a lot of cases) and more nutrients he can absorb.

Here’s what different poop types mean:

💩White poop: lots of bone in their diet. Often happens to raw fed dogs.
💩Soft serve: many reasons from parasites or eating random things.
💩Mucus-y poop: something is irritating their bowls. If you’re changing their food or adding in some fresh food, back off just a touch for a few days.
💩Greasy and yellowish: too much fat in their diet
💩Tiny poop: lots of nutrient absorption
💩Large dump: Not absorbing enough nutrients
💩Pellet poop: They’re constipated. Try add more water and fiber.
💩Dark poop: possible blood in stool or has eaten red food recently like beets
💩Whole pieces of food: Did not digest it, which means they didn’t get nutrients from it. Chop finer or blend.
💩Moist and firm: healthy poop
💩Curtains: Oh sorry this is just me. Nama likes my curtains short.

Here Are Some Doodie Myths:

🕵🏻‍♀️Contrary to popular belief, a large dump doesn’t mean healthy. Generally speaking, the smaller the poo, the more nutrients your dog is absorbing.
🕵🏻‍♀️You shouldn’t change your dog’s diet because he’ll get diarrhea. Can you imagine being healthy from eating the same breakfast cereal for every meal? You can change it up, just go slow. If you need ideas, download my new guide below!

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