Hey friends! If you need help with using essential oils for dogs, then I’ve got an easy answer for you.

If you’re new to using essential oils for your pups, I threw together this nifty infographic to guide you through your day. In the below, it highlights just ONE protocol that beginners could use. You can mix and match or use this exact system below.

The Rules:

I don’t have many rules in life or with EOs, but I do have one when using oils on your dogs.┬áPLEASE make sure you are using the most finest, most pure oils that are on the market. Otherwise, you are damaging your dog with chemicals, which is probably the exact reason why you’re on my site to begin with. Essential oils can be extracted chemically instead of pressed or distilled, which will never be on the label, so be curious about the origin of your oils.

If you need help picking out oils, just shoot me an email through my contact Nikki┬ápage, and I’ll help you out, or you can sign up to get your own oils here!

Have fun and ask questions!


Essential Oils for Dogs 101 Infographic