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*by clicking submit, you are recognizing that this course is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure cancer. I am simply a Mindful Pet Parent wanting to share my experience in hopes it helps you!

If you have asked the question “My dog has cancer what do I do?” or if you suspect cancer or at the beginning stages of your cancer diagnosis, then this short course is worth the time.

You will be completely aware of all your cancer options and know what questions to ask your Veterinarian in order get the best outcome possible!

Devastated. Hopeless. Panic. Those are all feelings your feel the moment the room went fuzzy and you heard the word, cancer. I know… I was there with my dog, Laker 2 years ago. I thought there was nothing you could do. I thought that vets know everything (or should) and I was just threw into a new process with zero visibility.

That’s what not being mindful is. It is living life unaware of your options and unconscious to the fact that there even are some.

After going through (and surviving!) that pure heart stopping moment, I woke the heck up. I went from unconscious to mindful. I went from following blindly out of a lack of knowledge to being fully empowered.

That’s what mindfulness means. And once you come out of your cloudy indecision, you’re there… with me and hundreds of other pet parents who are taking control of their pet’s lives.

You are apart of the growing shift of pet parents who are becoming mindful and aware of health choices and taking a greater steak in your pet’s wellness and longevity. You are on the leading edge of pet parenting, and I want to be the first to welcome you to the party.

You’re about to embark on a short journey to your own mindfulness.

In Module One: You will learn the roles of pet parent and healthcare provider, which I can guarantee you haven’t thought of in this way before. We will also touch upon how to have healthy, but challenging conversations with your veterinarian.

In Module Two: We will go over the many weaving paths to cancer diagnosis. There is not one straight path, but the map here can help you find your way.

In Module Three: We’ll discuss the topic of nutrition and how this is the All-Star role in creating a healthy and enjoyable life for your pet… no matter the stage of cancer. This course is also right for you if you are interested in dog nutrition. Module three explains how fresh whole foods effect health and how to get started.

After the 3 modules, you will understand what it takes to tackle cancer in full consciousness and confidence. I’m here with you all the way. Are you ready?!