Here’s my story on how I got a kick ass rocking essential oil blend for dog adrenal fatigue from Dr. Buchoff!

Dr. Gerry Buchoff is a cool dude. I met him at Dr. Royal’s Royal Health University course. He was the only man standing outside this massive farm at which the course was help, looking for a ride up the hill from the gate.

I soon drove by, thinking he was somebody who was directing traffic. I realized he was trying to get in so I told him to hop in the car and I drove him the rest of the way up to the building. From there we started our weekend long conversation full of positive happenstance.

Several times throughout the weekend we found ourselves near each other and discussing similar subjects, the final instance being a small flight back to Los Angeles of maybe 20 passengers. I changed my seat to near his and on the flight back, he imparted to me his recipe for healthy adrenal glands using all natural essential oils. I love when vets use all healing modalities to help ease our companion’s woes.

Adrenal issues can be common, especially in stressed out dogs. This is not a quick fix, but something you’ll want to do regularly to keep the glands functioning properly. Other diseases affecting the adrenal glands are Cushing’s and Addison’s disease. Something that has been tossed around for my own dog, Nama.

So for all of you out there who have pets suffering from mental or physical stress, or any of the adrenal issues, here’s how you use essential oils to keep them functioning properly as per Dr. Gerry’s orders.

1-3 drops Rosemary
3-9 drops Nutmeg
4-16 drops Clove
add coconut oil to bring up to 5 mL
Apply 2 drops over each kidney/adrenal twice daily

Quick hint, this also works on you too! If you are in need of good quality essential oils, you can use my link here to sign yourself up. I highly recommend it!

Here’s a pic of Dr B. and I hamming it up on the plane back to Los Angeles! Sorry for the blur, it was a bumpy ride!
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