It’s officially summer! And that means lots of outdoors, swimming and HEAT Oh and a double duty smoothie pupsicle recipe.


Keep your pups cool and healthy with this little treat. Visit one of my Double Duty Smoothie Recipes and follow the steps below to make your own Smoothie Pupsicles! For this pupsicle, I am using my newest recipe, Seasonal Summertime Smoothie. Read about how eating seasonally it super healthy and also great for the environment there.
This recipe contains lots of healthy foods for you and your pup, like beets, watermelon and mint– all while keeping you cool after a long weekend hike!


1) First, pop on over to Amazon and get yourself some popsicle molds like these:

Double Duty Smoothie Pupsicles

Ozera Reusable Popsicle Molds Ice Pop Molds     Click to Buy

I like these pop molds because they are pretty stable. Once I placed the lid on and locked them into the tray, I felt confident moving around my house.

2) Next make your Double Duty Smoothie from any of the recipes here, or make your own.

Make sure it’s pup friendly with no to low starches and sugars!

3) Fill mold all the way.

Watch below how I fill up each mold. I thought I would leave space at the top so that it wouldn’t overflow, but that’s actually not that great. The popsicle stick can only go so far into the pop if the tops are completely filled. Just a smidge left over in the empty mold is plenty! You can see in the video, I go back and re-fill the cups to the top on some of them. I also like to throw in some frozen fruit to top it all off. Then place in your freezer. Make space BEFORE you go to put the pops in the freezer, so you don’t spill beet juice everywhere!

5) Take out of the freezer and wait 5 minutes.

It will be next to impossible to pull the pops out of the mold without a little melt action. They surprisingly stay frozen hard for a long time. (Yay smoothies!). Proceed to watch you dog lick his lips in anticipation! Not yet, Lakie!

6) Wiggle wiggle wiggle those pupsicles out of their molds and proceed to arrange them nicely on your plate to entice your dog even more-haha.

Double Duty Smoothie Pupsicles 2

7) Head over to somewhere where stains don’t matter and have the time of your life filming your dogs eating a popsicle!!