These Double Duty items will help everyone stay healthy this summer.

Don’t Get Caught Without These All Natural First Aid Items This Summer 1

In the spirit of the unofficial start of summer, I thought I would put together a safety post for those amazing trips we are all going to take with our pups this Memorial Day weekend.

This summer, we’re taking a road trip up the coast to Big Sur (mostly to get away from the fireworks by the beach). It’s going to be so much fun! But I know we are also going to run into a few snags along the way. It’s just best to be prepared for those inevitable mishaps to keep the fun flowing.

Running around in the woods by the river, I know we are going to get a few minor cuts, scrapes, pokey things, and allergies. They all need home remedy attention. These things happen few and far between, but when it’s time to use these items, we are really happy we have them on hand.

What I love about this first aid kit (besides it’s all natural!), is that it is safe to use for the entire family-pups and people.

Below is a home and travel first aid kit, for those times you’re camping, hiking or just around the backyard.

All Natural Healing Items for Your Super First Aid Kit

Don’t Get Caught Without These All Natural First Aid Kit Items This Summer 1


-Helps muscle and joint aches feel better after a long day romping on the trails.


-This has a lot of great uses. Best for support during those times you get a food related stomach bug. Also use as a spray to ward off fleas, or as part of a bath wash when you do get fleas.


-Helps keep minor cuts and scrapes clean. Takes the sting out of bug bites. Also great as bug repellent.


-All natural antiseptic for cuts and scrapes.

Other Items you May Want to Consider

  • Motion sickness meds for the car rides
  • Allergy relief
  • Super glue for serious injuries (use only if it is life threatening and the vet is hours away).
  • Booties for trail blazing
  • Human and pet sunblock. Never use human block on your pets!
  • Old towels. You just never know what you may need these for. Cut up in strips for extra bandages or use as a cool down mat.
  • Sling/or other carrying apparatus in case you get stuck in a sticky hiking situation.
  • Flashlight