You want to know the only way to get rid of deep-seated, non-serving beliefs? Go through a crisis where you are forced to give it up.

That’s me and I’m not proud of it. I have always said and believed, that there is no one absolute way to raise a dog. Just what works for you and your dog. Yet deep deep down, I’ve still got a belief that everything needs to be black and white.

That is until this week.

It’s uncomfortable to live in a world of paradox and amorphous boundaries. Our brains always want clear answers. Except when you look at real life, it’s not possible at all.

Two big whammies hit me like a ton of bricks, and they both have to do with realizing “experts” advice doesn’t apply to me. Or my dog.

Even though I believe it is 100% okay for other people to live according to what’s right for them, I have still held on to the thought that I needed to follow the rules exactly. I’m a good girl, and I follow the rules, right? And all the while I have been forcing Nama to eat according to that plan, even though it doesn’t benefit her and may possibly be causing her pain.

Right now, the only things she can digest are fricken RICE and COOKED turkey. Both things I feel uncomfortable doing because they go against the recommended no carbs, no cooking raw-feeding rules. I realized I was following the rules because I didn’t have permission not to. How dumb.

So to all you pet parents out there waiting for someone to give you permission to give a better quality of life to you or your dog. F*CK em. I give you permission. Don’t suffer anymore because you’re afraid to experiment and find your stride, or because if some guru said it, it must be true.

Find what works for you. Be open to new possibilities. Stretch and make your life enriched.

And as for me, I will enjoy the things that bring joy to my life, even if it’s considered ‘unholy’ to enjoy physical things. What’s unholy is missing out on your joy because someone else told you you should.

End rant.

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