Did you know you should brush your dog’s teeth at least once a week?!

We suck at it too, don’t worry. But one thing that makes it easier is knowing you’re brushing your pups teeth with all natural and dental disease fighting ingredients. Watch the video for a quick minute tutorial on how to make the toothpaste.

Done? Okay, here a list of ingredients and why you should use them.

Baking Soda

I think this is an ingredient we’re all comfortable using for our teeth, but did you know you can use it safely for your pup too? Baking soda is a great teeth whitener and abrasive to get a good scrub going. Just make sure you use aluminum free.

Organic Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been thought to be anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. That’s great for getting that smelly bacteria out of their mouths. Plus, this makes the baking soda that much more palatable.

Coconut Oil

Great for so many things, but in this instance it is a perfect way to emulsify all your ingredients. Just like the oil pulling method for us humans, coconut oil can help fight bacteria, whiten teeth and great a positive environment for good bacteria in your mouth. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-smell. This is another ingredient that makes the flavor good for them too.

Free Range/Organic Chicken Broth

You want this to taste good don’t you? good taste=they let you brush their teeth.

Pure Therapeutic Grade Melrose Essential Oil

Now, don’t freak out yet. But Melrose oil is a blend of two types of tea tree oils and clove. Pure therapeutic grade tea tree oil is not bad for your dogs in moderation, but the shit you buy from whole foods or the two for one deal for $5 at the drugstore is lethal. Mostly in part, because it’s no longer any recognizable form of tea tree and has been chocked full of synthetic chemicals. Tea tree is a beautiful oil for your pups for antiseptic purposes. Which is why it’s great for inside your mouth as well. Perfect for helping to fight gum disease, its anti-bacterial and blood cleansing properties can really kick periodontal disease in the butt. It’s also a great pain reliever (remember that when you get your wisdom teeth out, trust me!)

Pure Therapeutic Grade Clove Essential Oil

Clove oil is a holistic dentists secret weapon. Another powerful antiseptic, clearing away bacteria and creating an anti-inflammatory reaction as well. Eugenol, the main component of clove oil, will ease pain (again, remember that for your wisdom teeth!). The miracle clove oil can also help prevent cancer, increases cardiovascular health, and increase circulation. Also great to use if your puppy is constantly being destructo-dog!

Pure Therapeutic Grade Peppermint Essential Oil

This has many benefits, including anti-septic to anaerobic bacteria (the kind that live in the deep dark depths of your mouth) ones, but this one is for fresh breath 🙂

Now you’re all done! Bottle that sucker up and throw it in the fridge. I will stay good for a few weeks, as essential oils act as a natural preservative. It’ll stay good for almost ever if you don’t use the broth.

Let me know how you pup likes it and I’ll make further edits as we go!