5 Ways to Mindfully Feed Your Dog (and Yourself!) Cheatsheet 1

Photo by the magnificent @lartelgphotography as a part of the #pitbullartproject

Hi friends! I was really inspired this weekend by my two really good friends at a company called Ketopet in El Segundo (confession, I’m their stalker… I LOVE me some smart people-ha!). Paul Raybould and Daniel Orrego wrote this really awesome post about how healthy it is to feed your dog in spurts and patterns than it is to feed regularly. The information was a lot to take in, so I thought to myself, “Why not make an infographic to share with their followers and mine to help everyone digest it all?!”… (see what I did there… digest… get it? I crack myself up!).

Here are 3 great facts I learned in the Ketopet article and then we’ll get to the cheat sheet.

  • Fasting your dog is not starving. It’s actually a very smart way to mimic how they would have eaten in the wild (literally feast and famine).
  • Fasting is scientifically proven to create vitality and extend life. And I know we all want that for our pups.
  • When you significantly reduce your calories, fewer free radicals are released. This means there is a down turn in cancer prevalence, relieves arthritis as well as type II diabetes.

5 Ways to Mindfully Feed Your Dog (and Yourself!) Cheatsheet

I myself am a responsive feeder with a mix of #2 (because I admit, we have more lazy days than 5 mile hike days). What do you do or are comfortable doing?? Leave your comment below.