I’ve kept this DIY chemical free dog shampoo recipe a secret until now. Too many dogs are being exposed to harsh chemicals everywhere in life, so I wanted to make this quick video of my own dog’s shampoo to share. Chemicals are proven to disrupt our endocrine and immune systems, causing cancer and other diseases. Why not wash your dog in pH balanced, chemical free wash like this one? It’s so easy and they will be so soft and smooth! Read more about chemicals here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22871600

1 Dirty Dog ( I have only used this recipe on short haired dogs)
1 Can Organic Coconut Cream (not coconut milk)
1 Ounce Neem Oil
1 Leaf Freshly Cut Aloe, blended (optional, but don’t substitute for fake aloe)
1 Cup Organic Castile Soap
1 Ounce Organic Vegetable Glycerin
1 Ounce Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
5-8 Drops of Pure Essential Oils (I used Lavender, Cedarwood and Purification in this one. Choose oils based on your dog’s needs)
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1/4 teaspoon Xanthan Gum

Big Bowl
Glass Bottles
A Nice View (well, maybe not… But it sure doesn’t hurt!)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. I like this recipe with all these ingredients playing off each other, but you could leave out one or two MAX if you don’t have them. The optional ingredients are: Neem Oil, Freshly Cut Aloe Leaf (very important not to use the fake stuff for sunburns-this is a chemical free recipe here), Apple Cider Vinegar and Essential Oils.

Let me know how this goes by commenting below. Please let me know if you try this shampoo recipe on a long haired dog! My guesses it’ll be just as fantastic as the short haired lucky ones 🙂

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Nikki White