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nikki white pet parent educator

What Is Mindful Pet Parenting?

People get stuck on certain words in life because they have a lot of baggage. Mindfulness is one of those words. It sounds so scary and intimidating if you don't know! But what I'm here to tell you and what my message is to every Pet Parent, is that mindfulness can...
Quest to Raw-Day One

Quest to Raw

So after a weekend jam-packed full of raw food nutrition talk at Royal Animal Health University… I left high, but with a spinning head. I had such a great time “mind-jamming” with the greats as Rodney Habib likes to say. I came home and was hell bent on changing over...
5 Ways to Mindfully Feed Your Dog (and Yourself!) Cheatsheet 3

5 Ways to Mindfully Feed Your Dog (and Yourself!) Cheatsheet

Hi friends! I was really inspired this weekend by my two really good friends at a company called Ketopet in El Segundo (confession, I'm their stalker... I LOVE me some smart people-ha!). Paul Raybould and Daniel Orrego wrote this really awesome post about how healthy...
2 essential oils for detoxifying your dog's liver

2 Essential Oils for Detoxifying Your Dog’s Liver

My oily expert friend Sheree and I get a kick out of doing oily videos. Why? Because we see the immense value that essential oils can have in both you and your dog's life. They are the ultimate healthy sharing stuff. A one stop shop, two birds with one stone kind of...
LED Light Therapy IS Amazing!

LED Light Therapy is AMAZING!

Friends... I have stumbled upon something amazing called LED light therapy, and it checks all the Pups & People boxes: All Natural  Safe  Can be Used to Heal Dogs and Humans    Here's the backstory...   During the OC Pet Expo, I found this...
cleaning with essential oils with dogs

Safe Essential Oils for Cleaning With Pets

We had a giant blowout party yesterday for Laker’s 4th adoptiversary 🎉🎁🥂! We partied, ate Kongs, devoured homemade healthy grain free cake 🎂, tore apart toys, & played ball. It was a never ending adopta-bonanza! And now my house is...
Dog friendly ice cream recipe nikki white

Dog Friendly Nice Cream Recipe

I love ice cream just as much as the next girl, but that doesn't mean it's something I want to share with my dogs. There can be hidden ingredients in typical ice cream, like sugar substitutes, that can be super harmful to them. So I devised a plan to let my pups still...

How To Fast Your Dog By Being Mindful

How to Fast Your Dog by Being Mindful (originally published in Raw Pets Digest) Go Collect Your Baggage: Fasting is one of those tricky subjects. For us humans, it evokes memories of social rights activists not eating out of protest, organized religion or feelings of...
5 Benefits of Phytoplankton

5 Benefits of Phytoplankton for You and Your Dog

Phytoplankton is the beginnings of all life. It sustains ocean life as food for most animals and also is responsible for creating most oxygen on Earth, you know, the stuff we breathe that keeps us all alive?! Imagine how healthy this could be if put in you and your...
Using Mushrooms as Your Vitamin D Source

5 Benefits of Mushrooms for Your Dog

Using Mushrooms As Your Vitamin D Source Using Mushrooms as your vitamin D source Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins in our bodies. It helps our immune systems stay super strong to fight things like cancer and to help synthesize calcium. Without this we...

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