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Honoring Pet Loss

A helpful book to help you say goodbye I found something I would like to share with you all. Because God knows, we all have experienced this in one way or another. Losing a pet is more than ‘just losing a pet’ and maybe this will help somebody going through this right...

Join The Free 5 Day Anti-Anxiety Challenge!

Anxiety sucks. Plain and simple. But here’s the deal: Anxiety and peace cannot live in our awareness at the same time. I know, I've tried... Mindfulness is a tool everyone has, that can return our minds to our own ownership. So I've set out to do this 5-day...
LED Light Therapy IS Amazing!

LED Light Therapy is AMAZING!

Friends... I have stumbled upon something amazing called LED light therapy, and it checks all the Pups & People boxes: All Natural  Safe  Can be Used to Heal Dogs and Humans    Here's the backstory...   During the OC Pet Expo, I found this...
Nikki and Nama

My Top 6 Essential Oils For Dog Stress

Yesterday, I had a follower from my Instagram account @lifewithlaker request some help for her stressed out pup! She wanted to know what essential oils she could use gently to support her pup through some difficult moments. It took me a bit to pick just my top 5! I...
5 Benefits of Phytoplankton

5 Benefits of Phytoplankton for You and Your Dog

Phytoplankton is the beginnings of all life. It sustains ocean life as food for most animals and also is responsible for creating most oxygen on Earth, you know, the stuff we breathe that keeps us all alive?! Imagine how healthy this could be if put in you and your...

The Ultimate Guide to Get Rid of Fleas Easily & Naturally

It happens. It’s completely normal and it happens to even the best of the most mindful of pet parents. FLEAS! I’ve been feeling a bit of shame surrounding our latest flea infestation. I take really great care of my dogs, and when I see them suffering due to their...
Emotional Lessons from a Cancer Dog Mom (plus scar cream recipe) 2

Emotional Lessons from a Cancer Dog Mom (plus scar cream recipe)

"It's cancer." My vet said to me over the phone, and everything else muddled deep into the distance. My head was swirling, I was alone and couldn't feel my fingers. My breath, halted in the exact place I left it before the phone call. The wooshing sounds of underwater...
low carb keto breakfast

Ningxia Red Chia Seed Cheesecake Breakfast Mug

I did it again because I need to find more options to low carb breaky. This one is Ningxia red chia seed cheesecake 😱. All gluten free, low carb and IN A MUG! That means it took about 5 mins to put together and cook. This was a fun one to eat...
Fermenting your dog’s vegetables is the best way to feed them!

Lacto Fermenting Your Dog’s Veggies Recipe

The newest thing to do in the way of your dog’s health is lacto fermenting their veggies. Since dogs don’t have much of amylase-the enzyme that helps break down vegetation, it’s hard to know if our dogs are getting all the nutrients we think they are. Enter lacto...
dog friendly pina colada smoothie recipe-nikki white

Dog Friendly Pina Colada Smoothie for You and Your Pup!

I love a good holiday. Especially when it's one of those made up, life-is-oh-so-good holidays. And today, we are celebrating another one. It's National Pina Colada Day! Now I don't know why someone thought having a pina colada day was in order, but I'm not...

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