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How to make sunflower seed butter for your dog

Are Sunflower Seeds Good For Dogs?

I get asked all the time if nuts and seeds are good for dogs. While a lot of nuts are not, a lot of seeds are! And they are packed with lots of nutrient goodness. Sunflower seeds in particular are a fave of some of the most nutritious raw feeders I know! The great...
Naturopathic Remedies to Calm Your Dog 7

Naturopathic Remedies to Calm Your Dog

Hi There! This post comes as a request from Instagram. Dogs are well known for their anxiety, and us as caring, compassionate humans, want to help them. We also want to stay away from toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals! Anxiety is a huge umbrella for lots of types of...
chia seed pudding recipe

Acai Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

I made my first ever chia seed pudding this morning. We’ve been on a low carb diet (keto) for several months now to help others understand how this diet can help halt or reverse their (or their dog’s) cancer. Needless to say, I was getting suuuuuper tired of butter...
Dog friendly ice cream recipe nikki white

Dog Friendly Nice Cream Recipe

I love ice cream just as much as the next girl, but that doesn't mean it's something I want to share with my dogs. There can be hidden ingredients in typical ice cream, like sugar substitutes, that can be super harmful to them. So I devised a plan to let my pups still...
low carb keto breakfast

Ningxia Red Chia Seed Cheesecake Breakfast Mug

I did it again because I need to find more options to low carb breaky. This one is Ningxia red chia seed cheesecake 😱. All gluten free, low carb and IN A MUG! That means it took about 5 mins to put together and cook. This was a fun one to eat...

Gluten Free Dog Cake Recipe for Sharing

Wow! Somebody pinch me. TEN THOUSAND followers?! That means 10K people have an interest in either being healthy themselves, feeding their dogs healthier or at the very least, watching Laker be healthy. That is the astonishing part, that we are all here on this journey...
My 6 Favorite Antioxidants for dogs (plus smoothie recipe) 1

Gentle Tummy Smoothie Recipe

Raw food can wreak a little havoc on your dog's belly at first. This sharable smoothie recipe to help get their tummies back on track and better prep your dog for raw food. As you all know, we started raw food this week (as of today, we are finishing up day two) and...
Using culinary grade essential oils is a great way to spice up any recipe

Low Carb Lavender Lemon Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding

I LOVE LAVENDER!!! Did you know that it's also edible? Especially when you have a great quality essential oil on hand. Lavender can calm your spirits, improve your brain function and relieve pain and inflammation. What doesn't lavender do?! This is why I wanted to use...
2 essential oils for detoxifying your dog's liver

2 Essential Oils for Detoxifying Your Dog’s Liver

My oily expert friend Sheree and I get a kick out of doing oily videos. Why? Because we see the immense value that essential oils can have in both you and your dog's life. They are the ultimate healthy sharing stuff. A one stop shop, two birds with one stone kind of...
Pupsicle recipe people and dog safe

Pup and People Friendly Pupsicle Recipe for Summer

Friends! I made this very healthy, very awesome pup and people friendly treat for you to celebrate summer! I’m so excited to share this with you because, not only is this healthy and cancer diet appropriate, it is also YUMMY!!! So grab your blender and your fruit and...

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