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“Green Juju” Recipe from Episode 2 of the Dallas and Nikki Show

So greens are a great way to get extra fiber and nutrients into your dogs. On episode two of the Dallas and Nikki Show, we talked about how to make your own version of green juju at home! For dosages, dog naturally magazine is a great place to access that type of...
LED Light Therapy IS Amazing!

LED Light Therapy is AMAZING!

Friends... I have stumbled upon something amazing called LED light therapy, and it checks all the Pups & People boxes: All Natural  Safe  Can be Used to Heal Dogs and Humans    Here's the backstory...   During the OC Pet Expo, I found this...
My 6 Favorite Antioxidants for dogs (plus smoothie recipe) 1

My 6 Favorite Antioxidants for dogs (plus smoothie recipe)

Help Your Body (And Your Dog's) Catch Free Radicals Last week, we took a look at what anti-inflammatories are and why they work. This week, we are talking about its close cousin, the antioxidant. Antioxidants for dogs are my favorite thing to feed. I feel like I am...
Essential Oils for Dogs 101 Infographic 1

Essential Oils for Dogs 101 Infographic

Hey friends! If you need help with using essential oils for dogs, then I've got an easy answer for you. If you're new to using essential oils for your pups, I threw together this nifty infographic to guide you through your day. In the below, it highlights just ONE...
What's That Smell? 3 Places Where Smells Hide & How to Banish Them Organically

What’s That Smell? 3 Places Where Smells Hide & How to Banish Them Organically

You thought your house was clean, until your friend comes over and tells you your house smells like... DOG! Here are ways to organically clean it. First of all, I want to say DUH, of course parts of my life smell like dog! But I happen to like the smell of dogs-it...

All Natural Dog Shampoo Recipe

I've kept this DIY chemical free dog shampoo recipe a secret until now. Too many dogs are being exposed to harsh chemicals everywhere in life, so I wanted to make this quick video of my own dog's shampoo to share. Chemicals are proven to disrupt our endocrine and...
low carb keto breakfast

Ningxia Red Chia Seed Cheesecake Breakfast Mug

I did it again because I need to find more options to low carb breaky. This one is Ningxia red chia seed cheesecake 😱. All gluten free, low carb and IN A MUG! That means it took about 5 mins to put together and cook. This was a fun one to eat...
myrrh Essential Oil For Dogs-nikki white

Myrrh Essential Oil Uses For Dogs

Myrrh, it’s cold out here... Yes I have a problem, an oily problem. And the only fix is MORE OILS! Watch the video to learn about why myrrh is magical and why you should always have it on hand for your dogs. As always use my 3 rules: -Go fricken slow when using oils...
3 Ways to Master Flea Extermination Naturally

Can Your Dog Live to Be 30?!

This Ted Talk completely blew my mind. Want to know how some dogs can live to be 30? Read on. This gives me an organic mountain of hope. This is a MUST WATCH video if you have any kernel of faith that dogs should live past 12. Rodney Habib explains the leading cause...
Using Mushrooms as Your Vitamin D Source

5 Benefits of Mushrooms for Your Dog

Using Mushrooms As Your Vitamin D Source Using Mushrooms as your vitamin D source Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins in our bodies. It helps our immune systems stay super strong to fight things like cancer and to help synthesize calcium. Without this we...

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