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5 Benefits of Phytoplankton

5 Benefits of Phytoplankton for You and Your Dog

Phytoplankton is the beginnings of all life. It sustains ocean life as food for most animals and also is responsible for creating most oxygen on Earth, you know, the stuff we breathe that keeps us all alive?! Imagine how healthy this could be if put in you and your...
low carb keto breakfast

Ningxia Red Chia Seed Cheesecake Breakfast Mug

I did it again because I need to find more options to low carb breaky. This one is Ningxia red chia seed cheesecake 😱. All gluten free, low carb and IN A MUG! That means it took about 5 mins to put together and cook. This was a fun one to eat...

How To Fast Your Dog By Being Mindful

How to Fast Your Dog by Being Mindful (originally published in Raw Pets Digest) Go Collect Your Baggage: Fasting is one of those tricky subjects. For us humans, it evokes memories of social rights activists not eating out of protest, organized religion or feelings of...
all natural thieves cleaner for dogs nikki white

Why Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner is EVERYTHING

Removing toxins from your home has never been easier.   Looking for an all natural cleaner that doesn't spread toxins around like wildfire? Do you know in your gut that typical commercial cleaners are doing your dog dirty rather than well, clean? Well, this is...
healthy dog poop 101

10 Ways To Know If Your Dog Poop Is Healthy

Raise your hand if you’re a dog poop detective and use poop bags as rubber gloves 🙋🏻‍♀️💩🕵🏻‍♀️🧤 (here's the poop bags I use) I don’t think I could ever have acres of property,...
cleaning with essential oils with dogs

Safe Essential Oils for Cleaning With Pets

We had a giant blowout party yesterday for Laker’s 4th adoptiversary 🎉🎁🥂! We partied, ate Kongs, devoured homemade healthy grain free cake 🎂, tore apart toys, & played ball. It was a never ending adopta-bonanza! And now my house is...

Gluten Free Dog Cake Recipe for Sharing

Wow! Somebody pinch me. TEN THOUSAND followers?! That means 10K people have an interest in either being healthy themselves, feeding their dogs healthier or at the very least, watching Laker be healthy. That is the astonishing part, that we are all here on this journey...

5 Important Essential Oils For Dogs

Essential Oils for Dogs 101 Infographic 1

Essential Oils for Dogs 101 Infographic

Hey friends! If you need help with using essential oils for dogs, then I've got an easy answer for you. If you're new to using essential oils for your pups, I threw together this nifty infographic to guide you through your day. In the below, it highlights just ONE...
Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil For Nervous Dogs

So Much Versatility For You and Your Dog Lavender aromatherapy essential oil is considered the most essential of all the essential oils. It is one of the safest and most commonly applied oils in the field of aromatherapy and it's great for your dog as well! We often...

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