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chia seed pudding recipe

Acai Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

I made my first ever chia seed pudding this morning. We’ve been on a low carb diet (keto) for several months now to help others understand how this diet can help halt or reverse their (or their dog’s) cancer. Needless to say, I was getting suuuuuper tired of butter...

5 Important Essential Oils For Dogs

2 essential oils for detoxifying your dog's liver

2 Essential Oils for Detoxifying Your Dog’s Liver

My oily expert friend Sheree and I get a kick out of doing oily videos. Why? Because we see the immense value that essential oils can have in both you and your dog's life. They are the ultimate healthy sharing stuff. A one stop shop, two birds with one stone kind of...
nikki white making kibble better guidenikki white making kibble better guide

Making Kibble Better Guide

Do you want to feed your dog better, but don't know where to start? Hi my name is Nikki White, renowned pet parenting expert, and I'm here to help you :)Doing dog food "right" is completely overwhelming. Canned food, dry food (kibble), dehydrated, freeze-dried, raw,...

“Green Juju” Recipe from Episode 2 of the Dallas and Nikki Show

So greens are a great way to get extra fiber and nutrients into your dogs. On episode two of the Dallas and Nikki Show, we talked about how to make your own version of green juju at home! For dosages, dog naturally magazine is a great place to access that type of...
Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil For Nervous Dogs

So Much Versatility For You and Your Dog Lavender aromatherapy essential oil is considered the most essential of all the essential oils. It is one of the safest and most commonly applied oils in the field of aromatherapy and it's great for your dog as well! We often...
healthy dog poop 101

10 Ways To Know If Your Dog Poop Is Healthy

Raise your hand if you’re a dog poop detective and use poop bags as rubber gloves 🙋🏻‍♀️💩🕵🏻‍♀️🧤 (here's the poop bags I use) I don’t think I could ever have acres of property,...
basic essential oil chemistry

How Essential Oils For Dogs Work (chemistry 101)

For tens of thousands of years, aromatherapy has been used by people for a variety of purposes from honoring ancestors, to healing, to using them for cosmetic and bathing purposes. Incense burned at temples to honor the gods is still infused with the fragrant essences...
nikki white pet parent educator

What Is Mindful Pet Parenting?

People get stuck on certain words in life because they have a lot of baggage. Mindfulness is one of those words. It sounds so scary and intimidating if you don't know! But what I'm here to tell you and what my message is to every Pet Parent, is that mindfulness can...
Oils for Pet Loss for You and Other Pets

Oils for Pet Loss for You and Other Pets

Hi guys, I hate talking about this but it is a fact of life. Please see a question and answer response on my Instagram. I think it would benefit all. Please help me in supporting Erica during her time of pain by giving her a shout on IG. Leave a comment below if you'd...

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